New clothes can help transform your look and we’ve got a collection of unique, as well as traditional style shirts, keeping you up to date with the trend as well as the timeless classics. Fashionable clothes doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be in an economical price yet suiting you. The whole art of bespoke fashion is choosing your own fabric and design as per your liking to make it fit to your body shape, whereas off-the-rack does not offer many choices.
French cuffs can portray both class and power if worn correctly. The idea is that it's a style worn mostly by the privileged class and because they want to appeal to people of all walks of life. They’re considered more formal than button cuffs and are particularly popular in European business environment. French cuffs are the most formal option of shirt’s cuffs, these cuffs are folded back and fastened with cufflinks or fabric knots.
Shirts are tricky to define, simply because there are so many styles. Button-down collars or "sport collars" have points fastened down by buttons on the front of the shirt. Shirts play a big part in men's apparel and they'll continue to do so. The great thing about their diversity is that there's no man out there who won't look good in a properly fitted shirt whether you're trying to achieve a slim lined look, formal look or a relaxed casual finish. We here at Steve & James provide you with all kinds of shirt fabrics and styles to fit to your needs, occasion and shape.
Making sure your shirt fits you properly around the shoulders, chest and waist while being long enough in the body and arms are vital to getting that sleek look that makes men's shirts such a complimentary piece of clothing. There's really an endless amount of ways you can dress a shirt and with their ability to flatter all body shapes they really can be a man's best friend in the world of apparel. With us you can customise each aspect of your life in your wardrobe, making us your tailor in choice will bring you to the next level of fashion, either formally or for leisure.
The double collar shirt is like the name would suggest, a shirt with two collars – or at least the appearance of two collars (like shown on the left). The double collar shines a hidden collar underneath the original, bringing you the design that will be primarily noticed in a shirt. Making you look attractive and different from your environment, it can be customisable to your choice and design. A single collar shirt (like shown below) is more formally worn and brings upon simplicity to the shirt. However, to make it look less simple you can add your own design, number of buttons and many more options to make it look vogue or keep it simple with a nice and classy collar.
Details are very important in bespoke tailoring as each characteristic of the shirt is tuned to your taste. Offering a choice to colour your button hole to fabricate your shirt makes your shirt look distinctive. A unique shirt always excels and having one to wear makes you prominent wherever you go. If you think your shirt is too much in design and would like to slight the tone a bit then we also have an option to change your button thread (red thread on the blue shirt). This will be detectable when you choose to have bright colours for it, making your shirt look more elegant yet modish.
A traditional tuxedo shirt style looks fantastic with a shawl collar or notch lapel tuxedo. Tuxedo shirts have a rectangular panel that runs up the front of the shirt. It's called a “bib,” and it doubles your shirt's chest fabric, ensuring that anything visible under your tuxedo jacket is bright white, not see-through. Only wear bib-front shirts with a tuxedo and bow tie.