Bespoke custom tailoring is a fine art practiced only by a few of the finest tailors in the world. Passionate about the art of elegant tailoring, Mr. Steve founded President Tailor in 1986 at the famous Indra hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. With the detailed and perfect tailoring, Steve was recognized by the industry as the “Master”.
After his success at the Indra hotel, Steve then moved to Naraiphand Pavilion (Gaysorn Tower at the present) and named it "Steve Tailor". Inspired by his father, James decided to also open his first custom tailor shop, “James Collections”, at the basement of Naraiphand. With trusted customers and renowned acknowledgement of their prominent dexterity, Steve Tailor and James Collections continued to grow their reputation there for another 17 years.
After his dad passed away, James made a historic move by combining both the stores and moved to a more popular and trendy location at Amarin Plaza and named it "Steve & James Collections". Since then, James has served many satisfied and loyal customers both locally and internationally. Steve & James Collections have gathered praises and returning customers by its finest mastery of Bespoke tailoring, stylish and modern design.
With the ever increasing demand and customers, Steve & James has been expanding the production capability to serve the wider market. With the aim to always go above and beyond the renown quality of the brand's detailed perfection, the quality control team is implemented to ensure that every single product that comes out from Steve & James are always spotless and up to the highest standard set.
Owning our own factory affirms that our production process is always under our scrutiny and corrected if any false occurs. Our employees at the production line have over 20 years of experience in the art of tailoring. With different departments and sectors within 1 roof, our team can control the production from start to finish.
We have served numerous loyal Thais and foreign customers with impeccable Bespoke tailoring products. We craft our products until the customers are satisfied with them. Even more, we also partner with countless resellers to help them grow their brands with quality tailor products. A one stop service for our brand partners. Mixing their unique selling techniques with our international standardized craftsmanship and our main aim to become the largest bespoke factory in Thailand. A Steve & James Family.