A broad term used to refer to a variety of fabrics, which should be made of 100% natural fibres like cotton, linen, or a blend of these. Pure cotton is probably the most popular material. Sea Island Cotton, as well as Egyptian cotton, are considered to be the best raw cotton material since they have the longest fibres, and so make the best yarns. Below are some of the fabric weave we bring to you;

2 PLY - Once the raw material has been spun into yarn, it could be used right away to weave shirt cloth. In this case, the cloth would be a “single-ply.” But, in order to prevent pilling of the fabric and to increase its quality, two yarns are spun into a single one. If you were to use a double spun yarn for the warp as well for the weft, you would have a “two ply” 2×2 fabric because two double spun yarns have been used in either direction. If you are looking for a shirt for formal or business occasions, the plain weave as well as small twill weaves are probably what you want.

Cotton Twill Fabric -Marked by its distinct diagonal pattern. The twill technique involves the weft yarns wrapping around at least two warp yarns at a time in a unidirectional pattern that creates diagonal lines in the fabric. Twill Fabric is heavier than regular cotton materials with a more structured form. These qualities give it the remarkable durability characteristic of twill materials.

Sea Island Cotton - Sea Island’s unique combination of qualities explain why it is so highly prized: extra long staple length, fine uniform texture, great tensile strength, silky lustre and an extraordinarily soft feel. These qualities allow it to be woven to the very highest yarn count, unlike other cotton types. With a wide range of 200 plus designs, we ensure you'll soon be taking home your perfect shirt.
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