Great Tips To Design Your Bespoke Style


Design with vision on your mind. Whether you elect Bespoke or are simply tweaking your off-the-rack suit, it’s always worth your time and money to visit a good tailor who knows how to handle a suit.

A good tailor will know what is best for you. Take out the time to ask about their views and opinions as through their experience in the art of bespoke tailoring, they can never go wrong. A good tailor won’t be afraid to answer any important question and should be willing to work one-on-one with you to achieve the best look.

(Our Team of Bespoke Stylists can guide you to bring your vision to life and wear the only bespoke suits, shirts or pants fully custom designed by you.)


When you look good, you feel even better. You may have heard this quote many times before. Looking good is not only in the designing phase and having that visionary prospectus of yourself in your own customized suit. The art lies in word “Made-to-Measure”, a simple yet complicated process. To get that “perfect fit” is not everyone’s cup of tea, the precision of your suit, shirts or pants lies in the swerve of the master tailor. At the end of the day comfort is what you are looking for, no matter what style of fitting you choose, Slim Fit, Regular or Loose, comfort is key. Therefore, make sure your comfort lies in every inch of your tailored suit, shirt or pants.

(Find The Perfect Fit in your Tailor in Bangkok, Thailand)


Suits pricing depends on the quality of fabric you choose. The thread count is what differentiates the feeling and fineness of a cloth; the higher the thread count, the higher the price. If you wear suits on a daily basis and have some extra money to spend, then go for a higher thread count (300’s). If you’re wearing your suit occasionally, then opt for a lower count (100-200’s). For Shirts however the quality lies in the composition, feel and thread count and of course the higher the components, the higher the quality and price.

(Luckily we have different price ranges to fit your budget and choice of quality)


Play with the design. The biggest difference between Custom Made Suits and Off the Rack is the ability for you to design your suit, shirts or pants completely your way. Make the most of the opportunity to design your outfits to fit your flair and aura. Try something different, you never know you could be a trend setter!

(We have enormous choices for you to add on to your outfit rather than the boring plain suit)